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Best Ways to Protect Your Dental Health This Summer City Name, ST

Best Ways to Protect Your Dental Health This Summer

Dentist and Patient Summertime is a busy season for families. Normal routines can get tossed aside or neglected. Keeping your mouth healthy is an essential practice to stay on top of during the warmer months. The summer season contains certain threats that can affect your oral health. Here are the best ways to protect your dental health this summer.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can significantly impact your dental health. If your mouth is dry, food particles and plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Drinking water helps with saliva production to rinse away harmful plaque and reduce the risk of infection. Avoid chewing ice to prevent your teeth from cracking or chipping.

Brush Your Teeth After Swimming

Repeated exposure to chlorinated pool water can erode and weaken enamel. To protect your dental health, rinse and brush your teeth after swimming. If you are swimming for an extended period of time, take breaks to rinse your mouth with plain water. Be careful around slippery surfaces to prevent dental injuries.

Schedule Dental Health Checkups and Procedures

Maintain your dental health by scheduling routine checkups and cleaning during the summer. Delaying these appointments can increase your risk for cavities and oral health disease. The summer season can be ideal for invasive dental procedures like root canals and denture fittings. These procedures often require multiple visits and an extended time for recovery. Scheduling them during the summer gives you plenty of time to rest and recover.

Take Care of Your Dental Health This Summer

Taking care of your dental health can help keep your teeth strong and healthy all summer. To take care of your family’s oral health, consult with Dr. Scott Babin about your dental health needs. We work with children and their families to receive the best quality care for a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today to protect your dental health this summer.

Posted on behalf of Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates

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