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Does Your Child Wake Up with Headaches? City Name, ST

Does Your Child Wake Up with Headaches?

Kid at Dentist Teeth grinding can cause headaches. When a person grinds or clenches their teeth involuntarily, either when awake or asleep, it is properly called Bruxism. It will likely cause such symptoms as facial pain, jaw stiffness and headaches. When teeth clenching or teeth grinding happens during sleep, it is called sleep bruxism. Sleep bruxism may affect anyone, but is most common in children, teens and young adults. A substantial amount of pressure in the mouth, reaching as much as 250 pounds of repeated force, can cause jaw and neck pain, headaches and long-term damage to the teeth and gums, or long-term problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Although there isn’t a cure, there are treatments that can help.

Some Changes at Home

Some home care tips can make it easier to cope with sleep bruxism or teeth grinding by managing the strain, pain and other symptoms.
  • Nuts, popcorn and hard candies are hard foods. Avoid them.
  • Be cautious with sticky foods like peanut butter that are hard to chew.
  • Refrain from chewing gum.
  • Increase head and neck support for sleeping, either by changing sleeping positions or the use of pillows.
  • A hot compress or an ice pack can soothe pain.

Who can Help?

While there are steps you can take at home, it is important to see your medical professional. A dentist can diagnose bruxism during a routine dental exam. It is important for you to talk with the dentist for optimal treatment for your child’s specific situation. A mouthguard or mouth splint could be called for, as they reduce damage to the teeth. Additionally, it is important to address other factors such as reducing stress, changing medications or treating associated conditions such as sleep apnea or GERD. Talk to your doctor about a referral to a physical therapist for mouth exercises. Your child may also want to speak with a counselor or trusted friend to help relieve stress or anxiety that can trigger bruxism.

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