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Protect Your Teeth During Summer Sports City Name, ST

Protect Your Teeth During Summer Sports

Child With Mouthguard This summer will most likely be a very exciting one as the pandemic winds down and people get back to normal life, including participating in summer sports. Adults, teens and children will fill the parks and courts as they return to the leagues and teams that had to take a hiatus due to the coronavirus. As the sports season gets underway, the number of traumatic injuries to the mouth will begin to rise. These injuries can be reduced or eliminated by making one simple addition to your sports gear.

The Custom-Made Mouthguard vs OTC

Certain sports require protective gear to minimize the chance of injury. The mouthguard is one piece of protective gear that often goes forgotten if not required. There are a few different types of mouthguards. You can buy them at sports stores and over the counter at drug and discount stores. These types of mouthguards do not provide the same level of protection as custom-made mouthguards. OTC mouthguards are made to fit a variety of people. They are also thinner and more pliable than other mouthguards. One type of OTC mouthguard is boiled to soften it, then you bite into it so it fits your teeth. With these mouthguards, it is important not to bite through the product or it becomes useless. Custom-made mouthguards are made by a dental professional. The thermoplastic material used is created from a detailed mold of your mouth and teeth. Your dentist takes into consideration the level of grinding and clenching and designs the mouthguard to accommodate the pressure. Because the custom-made mouthguard is crafted specifically for your mouth, it provides more protection than over-the-counter guards.

Durability of Custom-Made Mouthguards

OTC mouthguards can lose their shape over time. A custom-made mouthguard will last longer. If you get a custom-made mouthguard for your child, it will need upgrading from time to time as their mouth changes with age. It is always a good idea to bring your mouthguard with you to your annual dental exam to ensure that it fits well and is in good condition.

Make sure you keep your teeth and those of your children protected while participating in summer sports. Talk to Dr. Scott Babin to find out about custom-made mouthguards and how they can help this summer be one free from mouth injury.

Posted on behalf of Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates

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