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Why We Have Wisdom Teeth but Need to Take Them Out City Name, ST

Why We Have Wisdom Teeth but Need to Take Them Out

Dental Procedure Wisdom teeth come in between age 16 and 22, completing the set of 32 adult teeth. Unfortunately, they only get their name from their late arrival – not because they’ll make you smarter. Only about 65% of the global population is born with them. These individuals may have to have them removed to avoid serious oral health complications in the future.

Why Are Some People Born with Wisdom Teeth?

Why do we have wisdom teeth if we have to take them out? Wisdom teeth weren’t always useless. Our ancestors had larger jaws and ate raw plants and meat, so the wisdom teeth fit in their mouths and were necessary for chewing power. Then, humans started cooking their food and cutting it into bite-size pieces with a fork and knives. This led to the evolution of smaller jaws, too small to fit the third row of molars (the wisdom teeth). Due to the lack of space, the wisdom teeth can grow in sideways, get trapped inside the gums and jawbone or partially emerge from the gums. It’s almost impossible to keep them clean because they’re so far back and trapped underneath gums. As a result, they become chronically contaminated with bacteria, which leads to inflammation, plaque, tooth decay (cavities), infection and gum disease.

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Are Coming

If you experience the following symptoms, contact Dr. Scott Babin about getting your wisdom teeth removed:
  • You feel pain in your mouth, jawline or sinuses.
  • You are having chronic headaches.
  • Your gums are red and swollen, and it isn’t easy to chew.
  • You feel pressure on your molars as the wisdom teeth start crowding your mouth.
  • Your tongue or jaw is swollen. If your jaw is swollen, it may even be visible in the cheekbones.
  • You have bad breath due to the bacteria buildup around the wisdom teeth.
  • You have bad taste in your mouth.
  • It is difficult to open your mouth due to a stiff jaw. Therefore, it is also difficult to eat.

When to See a Dentist

Ignoring oral health issues affects your overall wellness, so don’t dismiss wisdom teeth symptoms. In addition, it is best to have them removed sooner than later because the teeth roots haven’t formed completely yet when they first arrive. The recommended age is before 25, but anyone at any age is a candidate for wisdom teeth removal. The surgery isn’t as scary as it seems. The procedure is a minor and low-risk one, accomplished within one visit. The complications that come from not doing it end up worse than the surgery itself. So, contact Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates today if you are ready to discuss removing your wisdom teeth.

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