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When a tooth is damaged from trauma or weakened from decay around existing dental restorations, it needs protection. Dental crowns are a restorative dentistry option that provide complete coverage for a damaged tooth, providing a durable exterior that protects the natural tooth underneath. In the past, dental crowns required at least two visits to the dentist to complete. Now, advanced dental technology allows for dental crowns to be completed in one visit. Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates offers CEREC® same day dental crowns at our office in Edmonds and Renton.

What is the benefit of CEREC Technology?

In the past, dental crowns usually were performed in two or more visits. The first visit involved a messy mold of the tooth. A physical mold was taken of the tooth to be used to make a temporary crown then the mold was sent to a dental lab to make the permanent crown. A week or two later, patients needed to come back to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed.


With CEREC dental technology, the process is streamlined. The mold of the tooth is completed using 3D digital imaging software. A scan of the tooth is all that is needed, without the goopy, uncomfortable physical mold. The digital 3D image is sent to the on-site milling station, which creates a ceramic dental crown using a robotic arm and diamond-bur that carves the shape of the new crown. The crown is then adhered to the tooth using advanced bonding techniques to ensure a long-lasting, durable crown.

CEREC same day dental crowns look natural, and are made from high quality materials. We can also make same day dental bridges using CEREC technology. The benefits for our patients are less time, less discomfort and a beautiful, durable tooth restoration, all in one visit to our office. If you want to learn more about CEREC crowns and bridges, contact us at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates in Edmonds and Renton, WA.