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Edmonds Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you seeking a skilled dentist offering cosmetic dental treatments in the Edmonds or Renton area? When you are confident in the appearance of your smile, it shows. A bright, healthy set of teeth is an attractive asset, as your smile is one of the first features people notice. Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of aesthetic artistry and dental treatment, creating a smile that is both beautiful and healthy. Our talented cosmetic dentist at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates can help you improve your smile with our cosmetic dentistry services.

Discolorations, crooked teeth, gaps and other flaws can detract from your smile. If you find yourself hiding your teeth with closed-lipped smiles due to dental flaws, it is time to consider cosmetic dentistry treatments. There are many ways to improve the appearance of your smile, from straightening misaligned teeth to eliminating stains from tobacco or coffee. Our cosmetic dentist and dental team at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates in Edmonds and Renton, WA, can help you find the right solution to achieve the smile you have always desired, or to restore your smile to its glory.

Smile Makeovers

Are you ready to learn more about smile makeovers? Whatever your cosmetic concern with your teeth, there are treatments that can bring out the best in your smile. Some treatments can be completed in one visit. We can repair chipped teeth or use dental bonding to quickly hide some dental flaws. Our Edmonds or Renton team can also perform in-office teeth whitening to give you an immediate brightness to your smile. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

You should feel confident when you smile. If you have teeth flaws you want changed, there are many cosmetic dental treatments available. Make your smile the best it can be with a smile makeover from Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates. Contact our office in Edmonds, WA, to schedule your smile makeover consultation with our cosmetic dentist.