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Sleep apnea can interrupt your breathing while you sleep, restricting your oxygen and increasing your risk for serious health complications. Millions of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, which impacts their quality of sleep and overall wellness. With our family dentistry treatment options, Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates in Edmonds and Renton, Washington, offers oral devices that can provide sleep apnea treatment for our patients with this disorder.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is often caused by the airway collapsing or closing when the jaw relaxes. Soft tissue can cover the airway opening, cutting off the air supply, and this can cause snoring and periods without oxygen. Those with OSA may wake up tired with headaches and other symptoms. OSA can contribute to high blood pressure, stroke and other serious health problems.

While OSA can be treated by CPAP machines or surgery, there is a less invasive option. We can help diagnose sleep apnea using a home sleep study. If you have sleep apnea, treatment may include using OSA appliances or nightguards that shift the jaw forward and open the airway while sleeping. Our dentists customize the devices to fit the patient’s teeth and mouth. The OSA appliances are comfortable, convenient and effective.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding

Other benefits of wearing a dental nightguard are reduced snoring and protection from bruxism (teeth grinding). A customized mouthguard can reduce snoring for a better night’s sleep for you and your household. Mouthguards also cover the teeth and keep them separated, preventing teeth grinding or jaw clenching that can damage your teeth and jaw.

If you have a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, snoring or bruxism, a customized oral device may be a solution. To learn more about OSA appliances or custom nightguards, contact us at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates in Edmonds and Renton, WA, to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists to discuss snoring or sleep apnea treatment.