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Tooth Pain Relief

A severe toothache can make life miserable. It can keep you awake at night and distract you throughout the day. Tooth pain is not normal and is almost always an indication of a dental issue. If you have a toothache, contact us at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates. We offer quick solutions for tooth pain relief at our dental clinic in Renton, WA.

Each tooth has live nerves inside. These nerves can sense hot and cold, and they can always send pain signals to the brain. When these nerves are irritated, you will experience tooth pain. Decay, infection or damage to the tooth can result in inflammation or pressure on the tooth nerves, causing pain.

Our dental team can quickly provide answers on what is causing your toothache and perform a dental treatment. Whether you need to have a cavity removed or your infected tooth requires a root canal, we are here to ensure your tooth is properly treated and provide you with tooth pain relief.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Does your jaw ache or lock or pop when opening and closing? Stress on your jaw can strain tendons or muscles, and it can also impact the ligaments and components in the temporomandibular joint. Teeth misalignment, missing teeth and teeth grinding can all cause jaw pain and may result in temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD). Our dentists will perform a comprehensive exam to determine the cause of your jaw pain and offer effective treatment for jaw pain relief.

Oral pain usually indicates dental problems. Do not ignore tooth or jaw pain, and contact us at Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates. We can schedule a prompt appointment to explore what is causing your toothache or jaw pain at our dental clinic in Renton. Many painful tooth issues can be resolved with same day treatments.

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