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Protecting Your Teeth During the Holidays City Name, ST

Protecting Your Teeth During the Holidays

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It is that time a year again when the horn of plenty flows with all kinds of scrumptious foods and treats, many of which are laden with sugar. Several of these wonderful delights are only going to be available during this time of year so if you do not indulge now, you probably will not be able to indulge until this time next year. So go ahead, enjoy yourself while you can. You have the entire new year to get back on track with good eating habits that may get sidelined in the coming days. But do not slack on taking care of your teeth.

Make Time for Good Oral Hygiene

The holidays are a hectic time for many people. Between cooking, baking, shopping, visiting, partying, working and doing the regular things you always do, there is hardly time to take a breath. This time of year gets to be exhausting. No one would blame you for only doing those things that are absolutely necessary to do at the end of your busy day. Just remember that brushing and flossing are among those absolutely necessary things.

In fact, brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal is more important now if your intake of sugar is increased. If you wear a mask several hours every day, it is even more important that you remember to brush and floss after eating. Bad bacteria feast on the sugars left in your mouth, creating a ripe environment for cavities and gum disease. If your job requires you to wear a mask, chances are your mouth is drier than usual and this makes you even more susceptible to dental problems.

Prioritize Your Dental Care

Today’s market is full of products that make it easier than ever for you to take great care of your teeth whether you are at home or away. Small, one-use toothbrushes complete with toothpaste are available, along with a variety of dental flossing devices. These conveniences make it easier for you to stay on top of your oral care even on hectic days.

When you make your oral health a priority, you save money and time – and who would not want to save on both of those throughout the year? So, enjoy your holiday season, the once-a-year treats and dishes and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Babin and Associates encourage you to end the year with a thorough dental checkup, so you can start the New Year fresh with your best smile. Call today to schedule your appointment with us.

Posted on behalf of Scott A. Babin, DDS and Associates

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